"nothing?" she asked.
"yes. nothing." i said.
that is where the answer lies.
in every unspoken word
there is a million words
clawing at your throat to get out

"nothing?" she asked.
"yes. nothing." i said.
inside every prayer
there is the disbelief
of exactly what
is asked for.

"nothing?" she asked.
"yes. nothing." i said.
there is a shadow
for every illumination and
there is night
when there is day.

"nothing?" she asked.
"yes. nothing." i said.
a desperation-lined hope
sails to the sky only
to fall
back to where it
came from.

"nothing?" she asked.
"yes. nothing." i said.
"i stand for nothing, because
everything is nothing, in the end and
in the beginning too. nothing has
ever stood for me."
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New Pic and Vacation!

helped photograph a wedding with a few of my friends this past week or so and one of the other photographers snapped this shot. i also happened to be sporting her latest and greatest pair of earrings that she made for me, so she got a great shot for her website too, where she sells handmade jewelry such as you see here! anywhooooooo...
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Coming up on 3 months! woot!

so my babies are almost three months old and i feel as if they are coming along nicely. i was at work today, palm rolling and what not and i came upon a SEVEN-HEADED DREAD MONSTER! agh! :D my boy helped me rip them apart when i got home. but i suppose that means they're doing what they should be doing. i just need to maintenance more, though i am thinkin' i'm gonna let the all the loose hairs work in naturally. i am somewhat apprehensive about crocheting them in, even though in my opinion they are still too young to be thinking about that yet. so they are in all their tangled glory. *sigh* i love 'em, what can i say?


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A Day in My Life...

May 31st, 2009. Hola live journal community! My name is Renea, I am 24 years old and I live in the wonderful Hill Country of Southern Texas. This is a day in my life (including lots of beer, great food and wonderful dread headed people, along with plenty of animals!) and I hope you enjoy. XD
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my face, my cage.

i had a dream that my face was on a billboard
and i drove right past it without noticing
my eyes screaming for recognition high above the freeway
begging, slow and remember what you were
i look in the mirror and each flaky piece of me
that falls into the sink leaves behind
a bit of a face i don't recognize
staring back at me blankly
a blank slate of a face that no one knows
an empty parking lot in front of an abandoned building
the sad death of something that someone had loved once
i can't fill the seats in my theater anymore
all that show are deadbeat vagrants and
pervs jacking off in the back rows and the dark corners
and when the reel rolls, the speakers crackle
from too much use
from too much to express and not the equipment to do it
straining against the poly-fiber screen masking its mediocrity
i used to be captivating
but now i am only captive.
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