May 9th, 2009

i can picture myself on a ferris wheel.

i will never be.
i guess that's what i'm saying.
you see, what's going on when you're not looking
is that i'm turning into another person
and the less you look
the less you get to see
until the day comes when you turn to talk to me
and i'm not there

an empty room will never
seem so lonely than it will if i leave you
just an empty chair
sitting at an empty window
thinking empty thoughts
from an empty shell

like a silent movie
that is not funny
does not have music
and won't end happily
playing back mirrored
images of what reality
used to be and the flashing of film
against the walls as you watch
will play out all the lost possibility
sucking a well that's long been dry

so i'm still tryin to tap you on the shoulder
every now and then, just
to remind you that i'm still here
just to remind you that
i haven't given up
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