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It's been a long, long time...

Well, it's been a while. Dreads are going strong...they are going into their ninth month now. still lovin' them. The above pic is at five months...will post more recent pics soon. i have been super busy starting up MY VERY OWN ETSY SHOP!
Please check it out if you have time...i have scarfs, paintings and prints. there will be much more once i get the time...must stop being so busy.

another shot of the dreads! :D

above is a scarflette i have on my etsy shop.
i also have a TREASURY ON ETSY right now full of bold red and black gift ideas for the holidays! show some love! hehe...if you want to.
and that's about all i have time for at the moment. much love to all of you! i plan on being around a lot more often...i hope. ciao for now.
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