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on mount olymp-ia i always tell the truth.

these keys on my typewriter
snap like ivory white necks
clack of metal against ribbon, paper, spool
i break necks when i write at breakneck speed
click clack neck snaps
and i'm wishin with every averaged two-syllable word
that i spit it carries me further away from
these thoughts i can't use
like the ads on my pop-up offering
a flatter stomach
leaner thighs, i sigh
why bother
i am wishin that every word will carry
me closer to what you want and
further from what i'm not
i am wishin that every click clack snap neck
will turn its head and wail me
to sleep, because when we wake
is when you're more affectionate
i am wishin these snap crackle pop
necks i'm pounding into meaning might
mean something more than
a way to vent this apocalypse
this wicked aching in my psyche
click clack snapped necks
beckoning me read the
reasons for all this killing.

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